Wednesday, April 04, 2018

dear rosanne,

today your first ever pet, a goldfish, died.
we only had it for 2 days and havent even got to name it yet.
you must be so sad.

i wasnt at home at the moment it happened.
your little aunt told me that you thought that your fish has learnt a new trick of swimming upside down while sleeping. but after dinner she broke to you the news that it was actually dead and you cried.

you then said, i take the fish out and sayang it then put somewhere else. and thats exactly what you did.

you "went to the tank, scooped it out without any fear and hesitation. then proceeded to sayang it."

both you and abby got dressed and went down with auntie jels and uncle junyang to find a place to "bury" your poor fish.

you werent happy with the first burial site - a still pond.
so uncle junyang scooped the fish back up and you chose another pond with a little waterfall which you believed was a better spot. T________________T

i am so proud of the compassion you have shown your pet, even though you had it only for two days. being sympathetic is not something that can be taught. definition may help you to identify the feeling you have but it cannot make you kind if you dont have it inside you already.

please continue to be compassionate, kind and thoughtful which i think are characters more important than being academic which you will be nothing without good character.

Character is much easier kept than recovered. 

-Thomas Paine


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

just a small action but it means so much.

earlier while i was making milk for the two little monsters. 
rosanne saw a few speckle of milk powder landing on the table top and she quickly took the table cloth from the table behind us to clean it up for me!

i am really surprised and touched that at her age, she is helping me to clean up without being asked.
it is no longer just taking her toy vacuum and pretend to clean the floor for me but a real cloth to wipe up my mess.

i think i now officially have one toddler less and a little girl more. T_____T 

Friday, December 01, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

i wonder how a manager gets into a managerial post with no managerial skills or foresight.
i dont want to be like them. so this a reminder to myself, when i am there, that hopefully i wont be like them.

dear future me, 

if one day you are given the recognition to manage some unfortunate poor souls bright-eyes, please remember not to manage them like your own kids. 
but remember not to give up on them like how you are not going to ever give up on your own kids. 
you handpicked them and they accepted. 
if you are to give up on them so easily (like a month) then they will give up on you easily too. 
you need to give people second chance. of cus only to those who deserves it. 

you are also going to need a lot of foresight. 
you need it grow the team and each individual.
it is really sad to see potential people, working for managers who only see day-to-day, wonder around but never upwards. 

you also need to keep your "bias-ness" in check. 
i guess it is human that we have our favourites. 
you will like smart/intelligent people more than those whom you think are not.
you will also like people whom you know for a longer period than those you are not familiar with. 
there are also people whom you will tend to stereotype.
but just consistently remind and ask yourself if you are being fair/equal to all of them.

last of all, do not, DO NOT, turn an blind eye to mistakes of your favourite staff. 
one mistake will lead to another. and it will be a vicious cycle. 
covering up for them will not grow them but slow their growth cus they will never learn.

mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before. -ANONYMOUS

good luck! 


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

not sure why i am being so affect by her passing - much more than i expected.
what her husband said during his eulogy is very true, she is very brave.
i dont think i knew anyone else who has cancer for 18 years and carried on living on her life to the best she can. 


詞曲: 林義忠

這條路 我擱要行,我需要 祢來作伴。




i will always remember your bravery and your trust in God.
That He will always be there and has his plans.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

few nights ago, i hugged the girls goodnight.

琳 : mummy, i can smell you! your hair smells so nice!

thats like after a day at work.. sweat and hawker oily smoke.... yucks.
but it sure feels nice to hear nice about my hair.... =)

on saturday when the dodo came over, 琳 also asked her to smell my hair cus really smells nice... lol...


maybe she is trying to make me feel better about my hair.

last month at the kiwi's, once the rollers were off, 琳 screamed, 阿嬷!

and as if i didnt understand her, see, now you look like 阿嬷.

when we were on the way home, she still would not let it rest... keep reminding to wash and comb my hair when we reached home later.
when at home she keep asking me why i havent go wash my hair and comb it.. she still ambushed me with a comb from the back while i was watching tv. 暄 also started to learn and ambushed me with her comb or anything that could comb my hair.. -_-"
and this lasted for a week before they both left my hair alone.... #saddestweekofmylife

i think now they are getting used to it.
琳 said it bounces and says it smells nice!
but well, i will now think twice when i am going to perm my hair the next time...
and also think of how to protect my curls from the two crazy monsters.. lol.

Friday, July 21, 2017

two nights ago, rosanne came out of her room after i tuck them both into bed..

me: what are doing out here?
ros: helping you to cover blanket. later you will be cold.

her random sweetness.