Saturday, July 22, 2017

few nights ago, i hugged the girls goodnight.

琳 : mummy, i can smell you! your hair smells so nice!

thats like after a day at work.. sweat and hawker oily smoke.... yucks.
but it sure feels nice to hear nice about my hair.... =)

on saturday when the dodo came over, 琳 also asked her to smell my hair cus really smells nice... lol...


maybe she is trying to make me feel better about my hair.

last month at the kiwi's, once the rollers were off, 琳 screamed, 阿嬷!

and as if i didnt understand her, see, now you look like 阿嬷.

when we were on the way home, she still would not let it rest... keep reminding to wash and comb my hair when we reached home later.
when at home she keep asking me why i havent go wash my hair and comb it.. she still ambushed me with a comb from the back while i was watching tv. 暄 also started to learn and ambushed me with her comb or anything that could comb my hair.. -_-"
and this lasted for a week before they both left my hair alone.... #saddestweekofmylife

i think now they are getting used to it.
琳 said it bounces and says it smells nice!
but well, i will now think twice when i am going to perm my hair the next time...
and also think of how to protect my curls from the two crazy monsters.. lol.

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